7 Inch No Contact Temperature Scanners - Angel Brands USA
7 Inch No Contact Temperature Scanners - Angel Brands USA
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7 Inch No Contact Temperature Scanners - Angel Brands USA

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Automatic Fever Detection
Accurately detects elevated body temperature with ½ degree
accuracy from 3’ distance and deny entry.
Face Mask Detection
Detects if a protective mask is being worn. You can select the
additional protection to deny entry without a mask
Hands Free Operation
Its embedded thermal and face recognition sensors provide 100%
hands-free user authentication
AI Enabled Facial Recognition
Recognizes faces even when the person is wearing a protective mass.
Continuously improves recognition based on our AI.
Just turn it on and hang it up. Customizable back plate allows for
easy installation on any surface or stand.
Place it anywhere: on a wall, stand, door or desk. Takes up about
the same space as a framed family photo
Be informed immediately if someone is feverish, no one is getting
past without your knowledge

The Safe Space Scanner could be the most needed safety device our team has offered to reopen our economy.
We have been receiving strong demand and are using our resources to keep inventory in stock.

This Device Helps Us Maintain a Safe Environment

Safe Airports
The Temperature Scanner allows airports to screen mass amounts of
people with the utmost efficiency and minimal human resources
Safe Restaurants and Hotels
Temperature Scanner allows restaurant to screen employees and
patrons at door with utmost efficiency and minimal human resources
Safe Schools
The temperature scanner uses an industry-leading Artificial
Intelligence Mechanism to help schools keep track of their students'
Safe Malls
The temperature scanners' Desktop Model makes sure that public
counters are safe and the Vertical Model is designed to screen entry
and exist points.
Safe Offices
The Temperature Scanner allows workplaces to keep track of their
employees health and makes sure that the workspace is disease free.

Product Information

Wall mount model
Desk Mount model

Product Description
Model RS-H658-AO-ZJ : Intelligent face recognition access control
panel machine.
Model RS-H658T-AO-ZJ : Face+mask recognition + temperature
measurement panel machine.

1-1 Introduction

Angel Brands USA 7” of temperature measuring camera of face
recognition entrance guard is face recognition technology
application and the perfect combination of high resolution infrared
temperature detection, accurate realization of the non-contact body
temperature rapid detection, registration, record can be queried
and other functions, which is widely used in offices, hotels, office
Buildings , schools, shopping malls, channel gate, community places,
public service and management flow control.

1-2 Product Functions

1. Hisilcon 3516cv500 series high performance CPU and SONY HD
IMX327/2MP Image sensor.
2. High Precision infrared temperature collector, non-contact
automatic temperature detection, accurate and efficient.
3. Temperature measurement range 30-45℃(86-113F) precision can
reach ±3℃
4. Real time output of authentication results and voice broadcast to give tips.
5. Automatic identification of people not wearing masks and real time
6. Automatically register, record information, avoid manual operation,
improve efficiency and reduce missing information

7. Monocular liveliness detection, face recognition distance of 0.3-1 meter,
photos, video false-proof.
8. Unique face recognition algorithm to accurately recognize faces, face
recognition time less than 500 ms 10000 faces compared database