Thermal Cameras for Small Business

Brands USA 7” and 8” of temperature measuring camera of face recognition entrance guard is face recognition technology application and the perfect combination of high resolution infrared temperature detection, accurate realization of the non-contact body temperature rapid detection, registration, record can be queried and other functions, which is widely used in offices, hotels, office Buildings , schools, shopping malls, channel gate, community places, public service and management flow control.


Automatic Fever Detection

Accurately detects elevated body temperature with ½ degree accuracy from 3’ distance. and deny entry.

Face Mask Detection

Detects if a protective mask is being worn. You can select the additional protection to deny entry without a mask

Hands Free Operation

Its embedded thermal and face recognition sensors provide 100% handsfree user authentication

AI Enabled Facial Recognition

Recognizes faces even when the person is wearing a protective mass. Continuously improves recognition based on our AI.

Simple Setup

Just turn it on and hang it up. Customizable backplate allows for easy installation on any surface or stand 

Compact Design

Place it anywhere: on a wall, stand, door or desk. Takes up about the same space as a framed family photo

Instant Notification

Be informed immediately if someone is feverish, no one is getting past without your knowledge

Application Scenario

Applicable for Small Business like offices, Doctor offices,Restaurants, Municipal buildings , Children Day care,Adults day care, Gyms,Shops

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