RAPID TESTING: The Infrared Thermometer accurately measures a person's body temperature in as little as one second. A reading is taken as soon as an individual's forehead is detected within 2-4 inches of the thermometer's sensor. A green light will indicate that their temperature is within a normal range, and a flashing red light and audible alarm will indicate that the person has a high temperature.

✔ ACCURATE READINGS: An advanced infrared sensor chip with a tested 100,000 operating lifespan rapidly delivers accurate and precise temperature readings. is designed for people of all ages, including infants, children, adults, and seniors.

✔ EASY INSTALLATION: Our infrared thermometer is very easy to mount on the wall using nails, hooks, double-sided adhesive tape, or brackets, and can be connected to a wall charger, power bank, or any other portable power source.

✔ ZERO CONTACT RAPID MEASUREMENT: To maintain safe levels of social distancing, our infrared thermometer can identify individuals with high temperatures without requiring physical contact from healthcare workers or with the equipment.

✔ WIDELY USED: Our thermometer can be stationed in offices, supermarkets, shops, restaurants, apartments, hotels, train stations, community centers, and building entrances.

1. Product Name: Wall Mount Non-contact infrared rapid thermometer

2. Measurement method: without contact on the forehead

3. Temperature Mode: °C or °F 4. Accuracy: ± 0.2 (34 ~ 45 °C)

5. Automatic alarm for abnormal temperature: red light flashes, continuous alarm ‘Di’ sound

6. Distance: 5 ~ 10 cm

7. Charging method: USB or lithium battery (18650 Li-ion)

8. Placement method: nail hook / double-sided adhesive sticking / bracket fixing

9. Display: digital display

10. Measuring temperature: 0 ~ 80 °C

11. Environment temperature: 5 ~ 45 °C 12. Response time: 500 ms
 13. Working wave: 5 microns

Application scenario

Wall Mount Non contact Rapid Temperature infrared Thermometer Office / Subway / Family / Supermarket / Shop / Community / Entrance etc. High efficiency, high precision, high quality, world premiere

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